You Can Kill A Good Trade By Watching It To Closely

It happened many times that after Planning a Trade, and successful Execution of my Plan, I bugger it all up by watching the screen the whole time. Often something will happen that will cause you to panic and either exit to early or move your Stop Loss to soon.

Many of my best results was where I planned and executed the trade, and then walked away form the screen.

If I Plan en Execute on a 4 hour chart, I may only come back to adjust my Stop Loss levels after the next 4 hour period expired.  I would normally enter my Pending Order on the close of a 4 hour period. For example, on my platform for the 4 hour chart, 4 hour period will close at 10h00, if I enter a trade then, I may only come back 4 hours later at 14h00 hours to adjust my trade.

If you trade on a End of DAY chart, you will only adjust your trade after closure of the market for that DAY.

It is not easy to walk away form a Live Trade, but be assured, it is worthwhile to dissipline yourself this way.

Of course, you can only walk away from an open Trade if you have set Stop Loss levels and Profit Targets as part of you Trading Plan. Most Trading Platforms allow you to do this.

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