Trading Blueprint

Trading Blueprint; how to approach a Trade


Trading Blueprint Image1. Start with the bigger picture – birds eye view

  • If you trade and plan on a DAY chart, what does the WEEKLY chart show?
  • If you trade on 60 min, have a look at the 4 hour chart

2. Is there Seasonal Tendencies or Patterns for this instrument
3. Is prices relatively High or Low for this instrument
4. Determine the Primary Trend for this longer term birds eye view


5. Determine the Primary Trend for your Trading Chart periodicity

6. Identify the Secondary Trend
7. Identify your BuyZones and SellZones



8. Identify and evaluate the different components of your SetUp Signal




9. Wait for your Trigger Signal and Execute the trade



10. Put your Money and Risk Management strategy and procedures in place – this is the point where you need to be disciplined and patient. Do not let your emotions kill a potentially great trade.

The detail of every step is discussed in the Training Course and Modules

Download as pdf: Trading Blueprint 16sep15









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