Pro Trader: Training Modules

Module Menu Tree

Module 1: Technical Analysis and Trends

• Your system and Trading plan must take the decisions, not your emotions.
• Technical Analysis versus Fundamental Analysis
• The Critical importance of the Market Trend – a Trend is your friend
• Primary, Secondary and Minor Trends
• How do I determine the Trend

Module 2: Characteristics Of A Good Trade

• How much money can I afford to lose? – What is the risk I take?
• How large can my position be?
• The importance of your Risk – Reward Ratio.
• Stop Loss management techniques to capture Profits and minimize Losses.
• Initial Trading Stop Loss
• Trailing Stop Loss

Module 3: Buy Low And Sell High

• What is high and what is low?
• Identify the Buy Zones and Sell Zones
• How to use Buy Zones and Sell Zones

Module 4: Buy And Sell Signals

• Set Up en Trigger Signals
• Using the RSI for Set Up Signals – trend lines, divergence, higher highs and lower lows.
• The importance of price Support and Resistance lines.
• Use of short term moving average (mva) as Trigger for buy and sell signals
• Chart formations

Module 5: The Trading Plan

• Trading Plan Setup
• Trading Plan Examples

Module 6: Seasonal Trends (to be completed)

Module 7: How To Trade Spreads and Splits

• What is a Spread Trade?
• How do you make money with a spread trade?
• Risk of spread trading
• Margin for spread trading
• Types of spreads
• Spreads and splits on the JSE/Safex

Module 8: Fine Tune Your Trading

• Tips and In Depth Discussions


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