Pro Markets: Training Modules

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Module 1: Introduction

• Is it easy to make money with speculation
• Why would you trade in the markets?
• What is you aim: Investor, Hedger or Speculator
• What is Speculation?
• Witch Instruments and Markets can you participate in
• Why CFD’s?

Module 2: What Is The Driving Force In The Markets

• The all important emotions of Greed and Fear
• Where is maximum financial Risk and where is the point of maximum financial opportunity
• The important balance of Small Losses and Large Profits
• How much money do I need and what will my position sizing look like
• Stop Loss en Profit Taking

Module 3: Select the Market and Instruments

• Chose the right market
• Chose the right instrument
• Futures, CFD’s and Options
• Seasonal Trends
• Gearing of Instruments
• Choose the periodicity – DAY, 60 min, 5 min etc.
• Intra Day or Long Term Trader

Module 3 A: What is a Future

• What is derivatives
• Exchange traded instruments
• Gearing / leverage of derivatives
• Margins on futures
• What is long and what is short

Module 3 B: What is a CFD

• Contract for difference
• Not exchange trades
• Gearing / leverage of a CFD
• Margins on a CFD
• Cost component of a CFD

Module 3 C: What is a Share, how do I buy and sell shares

• Different classes of shares
• What is a dividend
• What is capital gains on a share
• Trade shares as CFD’s
• Where and how to open an account
• How to buy shares with as little as R100

Module 3 D: What is an ETF

Module 4: Financial Principles and Definitions

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