What is this Website About

Training and CoachingI have been trading for the past 16 years. I regularly trade, and have experience of:

• The JSE Safex Agricultural exchange, I trade there for myself and selected clients every day.
• Commodities on the CME and CBOT (Chicago Mercantile Exchange & Chicago Board of Trade)
• Buy and sell South African shares and CFD’s on these shares
• Buy and Sell CFD’s on overseas (American) commodities and shares
• Buy and sell Put and Call options and Option Strategies
• Spread Trading: Calendar Spreads and Inter Commodity Spreads

The learning curve to become a successful trader can span many years, I want to help you to shorten this as much as possible.
In spite of everything you might read about how easily and quickly you will make big bucks on Forex is not true. How many people do you personally know that make real money with Forex?

On this website I will give you the best information possible to give you a chance of becoming a successful trader.

I will focus on just two or three trading strategies. I will show you:

1. How to start with the Birds Eye view to see what is happening with a instrument
2. Look for seasonal tendencies
3. How to determine the Primary Trend and use it to your advantage
4. How to identify the Secondary Trend
5. How to create Buy and Sell Zones
6. How to use these Zones to Buy Low and Sell High
7. How to compile a comprehensive Trading Plan with Set Up and Trigger Signals
8. Planning and execution of a Money and Risk management strategy
9. Trading Tips to help you fine tune your trading

Can I guarantee that you will become a successful trader? No, I can not. But I promise to do my best to help you become one.

Keep in mind that Trading is dynamic and changing the whole time, you have to adapt fast. This website is the same and will grow and change regularly with the best information inputs as possible.

Josua Colyn

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