About Me


My name is Josua and trading is my passion!

I have been involved in trading for the past 19 years and trade every day for myself and about 15 selected clients.

I started with Forex in 1999. That was the time before WI-Fi and data on mobile devices. We traded with a telephone dial-up connection at huge cost. It was in the early days of online trading.

Forex got me started, but to be honest, I never really made good money with Forex, but failing that got me involved with Agricultural commodities in South Africa on the JSE (Safex). That led me to trading on CBOT and later the CME. Trading commodities gave me exposure to trading futures and options, as well as Spreads and Seasonal Trends.

Although a large portion of my trading is Intra Day, I really believe that your chances of making money with trading are much better when trading End of Day on commodities and stocks.

I do not think it is possible to do a short trading course and quickly start making money, it is not as easy as that. But I believe that my online Training and Coaching material will shorten your learning curve drastically.

I have been pondering and planning this trading course over the paste few years but now decided to bite the bullet and get started. Many hours went into the preparation and documenting the material. I really enjoy teaching people some worthwhile stuff.

This is basically a one man show, I am not part of a big company or organization.

My home language is not English, so please forgive my writing style and possible poor grammar.

I hope and trust that you will enjoy this course and learn some valuable lessons, and that you will become the successful trader you always believed to be possible.


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