CBOT Corn Pryse – Laagste vlakke afgelope 3 jaar

Die jul18corn kontrak op CBOT op die oomblik $3.63, laagste vlak afgelope 6 maande.

‘n Sterk US$ gewoonlik nie positief vir hulle pryse nie, die “Trade War” met Sjina ook nie goed.

Maar, die Julie kontrak was al die afgelope 3 jaar al so laag as $3.01.

Beide die laagste vlakke die afgelope 3 jaar *was in September*, min of meer hulle strooptyd.

Sep 2019 was $3.01

Sept 2017 (laasjaar) was $3.28

Dit is dus nie onmoontlik dat Corn pryse in volgende paar maande onder druk kan bly nie.

Julie CBOT Corn Continuous

Intra Day and Short Term Trading

Although the basic Chart Analysis and Trading Plan stay the same for Intra Day and Short Term Trading as for End of Day trading, there is a few small differences in the way you will approach it.

I will show you some case studies of Intra Day trades done the past week

Keep the following in mind:

1.    Stay within the Trading Blueprint

2.   Although the longer term Primary Trend is still important you will focus more on your short term planning chart (60min, 30min or 5 min).

3.   I seldom trade with a periodicity of smaller than 60min. Remember our rule that state that you have to wait for the candle/bar of that periodicity to close before you take the next decision. In other words, if you trade on a 60min chart you must have the discipline to wait for the 60min candle or bar to close before taking the next decision.

4.    You have to be close to your Trading Platform the whole time, if you trade EOD you can walk away, but not with Intra Day

5.    Intra Day volatility can be wild, you have to keep that in mind. Prices may in a day trade up and down, and all over the place but in the end close near the opening price.

6.    Your approach in taking profits will be a little different and more aggressive than with a longer term approach where you trade within the Primary Trend.

7.    Your short term Support and Resistance lines will be very important; this may be great profit taking levels.

Members can view the case studies here